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Merle Norman Issues Sanitation Policy: Creates Survive, Revive, Thrive initiative with Sanitation Conversation

“Stay at home orders are phasing out and Merle Norman Studios are preparing to welcome customers back by partnering with Sanitation Conversation, a company dedicated to initiating change and disrupting current practices for sanitation standards within the beauty industry. With COVID-19 still a valid concern, Merle Norman Cosmetics corporate offices have taken measures to keep customers safe and healthy.

Merle Norman Cosmetics has launched a “Survive, Revive, Thrive” initiative for its more than 1,100 studio franchise partners in order to help them through the pandemic, and help navigate the financial challenges they face as they operate their small businesses. As part of the Revive segment, the nearly 90-year-old cosmetic and skin care brand is offering the opportunity for studios to obtain the Sanitation Conversation certification. Created in collaboration with health officials, microbiologists and educators, this health grade certification exceeds all state licensing regulations for skin care and makeup application, according to the company. It offers a universal approach to a health-grade level sanitation for studios which will provide customers with a safe experience. Makeup sales and application can and should be worry-free, and Merle Norman Cosmetics has gone above and beyond to protect their employees and customers going forward.

“What we are experiencing as a nation has everyone on edge. We are working tirelessly to insure that our employees and customers feel secure once they are able to head back into our studios,” said Travis Richards, VP-franchise operations. “By working with Sanitation Conversation, our studio owners have a policy in place that protects everyone by safeguarding in person appointments, disposing of garbage in the most sanitary way possible, and providing peace of mind to everyone as we all take steps to venture out when it’s safe. Our customers are of the upmost importance to us and being the first company in the beauty industry to offer this certification shows our dedication to their safety.”

The Sanitation Conversation Certification training will educate studio owners on:

  • Lowering levels of bacteria found on cosmetics
  • Avoiding cross contamination
  • Eliminating the risk of spreading disease
  • Keeping the customers safe during an application
  • Single use disposables
  • Understanding the working with microorganisms, blood-borne pathogens, and common contagions
  • Updated COVID-19 protocols

All Merle Norman Cosmetics products are available in studios and online at “


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