SterileLight Illumicide Disinfecting Case

Sanitation Standards is the first step towards proper makeup hygiene and mitigating client safety.  While our course teaches you about lowering levels of bacteria found on cosmetics, avoiding cross-contamination, eliminating the risk of spreading disease, keeping the client safe during an application, single-use disposables, microorganisms, blood-borne pathogens, common contagions, and COVID-19 protocols, it is just the first step in the right direction.


While education is important the tools you use to mitigate safety are equally important. During our research, we have found several great tools that can be paired with our Sanitation Standards training. One tool that stands out most to us is the SterileLight Illuminating Disinfecting Case.  It is the perfect way to ensure all surface bacteria have been killed effectively.  UV-C light is capable of de-activating and/or killing many harmful bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogenic microorganisms:

Some of the primary ones we see in the makeup industry are Staphylococcus Aureus, MRSA, E. Coli, Influenza A (H1N1), and SARS-CoV-1. It was also interesting to find out that Sterilelight is staying close to the news on The International Ultra-Violet Association as they are working diligently to determine UV-C’s effectiveness against COVID-19. So far, this is what has been confirmed: “UV light, specifically between 200-280nm (UVC or the germicidal range), inactivates (aka, ‘kills’) at least two other coronaviruses that are near-relatives of the COVID-19 virus: 1) SARS-CoV-1 and 2) MERS-CoV.” 


“SterileLight’s ILLUMICIDE device is based on Ultraviolet light in the germicidal (C) spectrum which is between 200 and 280 nanometers. Germicidal or UV-C light is short-wavelength ultraviolet light which kills or inactivates bacteria, virus, molds, and other pathogenic microorganisms. The ILLUMICIDE device produces varying wavelengths between 260 and 280 nanometers.”


We love that the SterileLight Illuminating Disinfecting Case uses a mercury-free light and is ozone friendly!  While we want to make sure we properly disinfect we also need to keep our earth and our humans safe!  You will get about 10k hours from one disinfecting case and can be used as a cordless device!  There are plenty of contenders in the germicidal light arena, but Sterilelight is the only one we recommend!

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