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Online Sanitation Training, Any Time, Anywhere and on Any Device. Developed in partnership with a Microbiologist. Learn how to protect yourself, your clients and your tools. Step-by-Step Guide, Covid-19 Protocols and Resource Library included.

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After successfully completing the assessment you will be certified as a Sanitation Specialist and added to our Artist Directory. You are now part of an elite group of artists who have completed health grade sanitation training that supersedes state and federal requirements.

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Your credibility can be seen with your new sanitation protocols, your certification, digital badge and Prestige Pin. Your Prestige Pin is symbolic of the investment you made to protect yourself, your clients and your career.

Sanitation Standards was developed by industry professionals and a microbiologist to ensure the training reflected health grade sanitation protocols. Unlike most programs, this course focuses on health grade sanitation training practices specific to a makeup application. This course was not designed around a specific sanitation product or practice, but rather around the science of bacteria, blood-borne pathogens and mucous membranes.

Sanitation Training Curriculum

  • Lowering levels of bacteria found on cosmetics
  • Avoiding cross contamination
  • Eliminating the risk of spreading disease
  • Keeping the client safe during an application
  • Single use disposables
  • Microorganisms
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Common contagions 
  • Covid-19 protocols
  • Check points for learner retention
  • Final assessment for certification

Sanitation Conversation’s Sanitation Kit
Protects 200 clients from cross contamination and disease.

Includes: 1 #SANITATIONCONVERSATION Branded Clear Bag, 4oz Brush Shampoo, 8oz Hospital Grade Disinfectant, 8oz 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 8oz Brush Cleaner, 8oz Hand Sanitizer, 200ct. Disposable Cotton Rounds, 200ct. Disposable Cosmetic Wedges, 200ct. Disposable Spatulas, 200ct. Disposable Cotton Buds, 200ct. Disposable Eyeliner Applicators, 200ct. Disposable Lip Applicators, 200ct. Disposable Mascara Applicators, 200ct. Disposable Wax Paper Palette Sheets, Metal Pencil Sharpener, Stainless Steel Metal Cup

Makeup Sanitation Kit

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From brands to celebrity artists to everyday makeup artists, Sanitation Conversation™ is the Sanitation Training Certification that is trusted by all!

Sanitation Conversation

Frequently Asked Questions

While state licensing is a good start, they do not have the appropriate regulations for health grade sanitation protocols. Additional sanitation training is needed to perform a higher level of safety, minimizing the chance of infection for both the makeup artist and client. Often government guidelines are basic regulations. Each industry has to adhere to those but can institute more rigorous ones.

Example: The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) are government regulations. However, laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Laboratories are inspected every two years. These inspections incorporate CLIA plus more comprehensive requirements, especially quality control.

While attending makeup school provides a more formal approach to learning the fundamentals of training and typically includes sanitation, it does not mean you learned “health grade sanitation”. Because most makeup schools are privately owned there is no universal approach to sanitation.

Absolutely! In addition to the application of typical cosmetics, Special FX artists are responsible for the application of additional materials including but not limited to adhesives and prosthetics – all of which should follow health grade sanitation practices.

A team made up of educators, developers, designers and a microbiologist.

Sanitation Conversation is the standard in health grade sanitation training for makeup. The certification is necessary to distinguish those who are Sanitation Specialists and those who are not. We cannot uphold a standard without a framework and criterion in which to meet those standards. By becoming certified you have completed your training and successfully passed your assessment.

The investment is small in comparison to the cost of legal action if a client or employee contracted a virus, fungi or parasite during their makeup application. You have learned how to protect yourself and your client using proper health grade sanitation. You have more knowledge then what is required from the state level. In addition, the certification allows you to provide value to your customer and secure adequate pricing.

Your certification is valid for one year from the completion date of your sanitation training unless otherwise noted. The cost of re-certification is $25 and includes training updates and additional resources.

You are not required to purchase the kit bundle. The sanitation training and certification is sold separately. The sanitation kit offered is a companion product to the training. It was created for the convenience of the artist and to avoid sourcing all of the products and tools needed to practice health grade sanitation.

What credentials do I receive upon completing the Sanitation Standards training?

You will also be added to Sanitation Conversation’s Artist Directory where clients can verify that you are Certified in Sanitation Standards.