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I Cannot Speak More Passionately About Proper Sanitation Practices,

Which I feel isn’t preached about enough or talked about to artists in the community. Artists either don’t know or get lazy and actions can affect the talent long-term and financially. If you skip sanitizing products and you pass along an eye infection, the model will lose out on work and have to pay for doctors visit to get it treated. You can pass on the flu, sinus infections, etc.

It’s OUR jobs as makeup artists to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard when it comes to cleanliness.  I am so thrilled that Sanitation Conversation is working to educate artists on proper practices. Their kit with all of the cleaners and disposables is absolutely brilliant! I use these items in my kit daily and so should you. Spread the word, take their class, step up for your career and clients.

Alex LaMarsh
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist
Certified Sanitation Specialist

Sanitation Conversation is a Leader.

Janis Pierzchala

I am a certified specialist in Microbiology and have 42 years of experience in this field.  The importance of preventing infections by cross-contaminating make up products or utilizing the same applicators cannot be over emphasized.

Sanitation Conversation is a leader in the makeup industry with their “Standards in Sanitation” guidelines and instructions.  Through education, makeup artists will be able to apply products without causing herpes, pink eye, staph, strep and other infections by transmitting these microorganisms from per to person.  The safety of the client will be optimal!  I highly recommend the use of the Sanitation Essentials Training Bundle!

Janis Pierzchala
Medical Technologist Microbiologist

Sanitation Conversation Promotes GOOD HEALTH ON SET!

April Chaney

Stopping the cycle of spreading germs by chemically or mechanically removing them with cleaning and disposing and not contaminating products is ideal as a makeup artist.

My first job as an artist is to protect the client by being sanitary and by also practicing great sanitary methods.

Thanks Sanitation Conversation for providing gifts bags of disposables for our SKINCARE BASIC CLASS! They are ideal for daily sanitization makeup applications.

April Chaney
Makeup Artist & Esthetician
Owner of Effleurage Studio
Certified Sanitation Specialist

As a Makeup Artist & Last Artist, Sanitation is More Important Thank Skill.

Breanna Marcoux

You can be GREAT at your craft but if you’re exposing your clients to bacteria, and they become infected, that will stay with them long after the impressiveness of the service.

I am excited to implement the education of Sanitation Conversation and share the benefit of the training my students.

Breanna Marcous
Licensed Cosmetologist
Master Last Artist/SFX MUA
Certified Sanitation Specialist

Let Me Tell You Something….. WOW!

Mariajose Ayala

I learned so much, even though I’m always careful, and I try to be super neat and clean. This course was something else… the next level.  I loved it!

Mariajose Ayala
Certified Makeup Artist
Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara
Certified Sanitation Specialist

Sanitation Conversation has been a HUGE boost to our education program for Beauty School Students!

DeeDee Marcoux

The support, information, products, and excellence in training stands in a class all its’ own.

There is NO OTHER program that educates on proper sanitation practices (which everyone in the Beauty Industry SHOULD be adhering to) like Sanitation Conversation. We are honored and proud to be partnered with Sanitation Conversation.

DeeDee Marcoux
Licensed Esthetician, Advanced Skin Therapist
Acne Specialist, Educator & Owner, Fabulash Faces
Certified Sanitation Specialist

Sanitation Conversation is such a great idea!

Michelle Garbin

Even though you don’t have to be licensed individual, you can still act like one.

I take pride that my clients know they are in good hands with me and them in return trust me.

Michelle Garbin
Journeyman Makeup Artist Local 706
Clinical Esthetician
Certified Sanitation Specialist

Your Integrity Is All You Have.

Brandi Myree

Your integrity is all you have. When it comes to makeup application, your professionalism and skills are representative of your integrity. Proper sanitation habits is one of the biggest parts of being a professional.

Brandi Myree
Co-Founder, Omni Beauty Group
Admissions Director, Multimedia Makeup Academy
Certified Sanitation Specialist
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