Why Certified

Why Is Certification So Important?

Certification is important! Certification elevates the standards of any industry and helps to advance the profession and create value. In addition, it provides a measurement of knowledge and skills. As a result, this regulates who within the industry is competent and hirable. Certification in Sanitation Standards distinguishes you from other artists.  You will now have industry-recognized credentials that confirm you are skilled in safe sanitation practices.

One of the most vital elements of makeup applications that is often overlooked is proper sanitation. This applies to instructors, freelancers, makeup enthusiasts, and film, commercial and high fashion artists. For example, on social media we see countless cases of diseases, viruses, lawsuits and even death that result from bacteria and poor sanitation with beauty tools and products.

At Sanitation Conversation, we are elevating the industry by driving higher standards in sanitation, and we are doing this through certification. Our goal is to make certification a standard and requirement among all makeup artists.

As an artist or instructor, earning your certification showcases your commitment to professional growth, your clients’ well-being, and your dedication to raising standards in this industry.

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