Who We Are & What’s in Store for 2021

Our journey was motivated for our students and by our students. While at their jobs on film sets, television sets or in other professional settings, our students were alarmed at the sanitation practices that their fellow makeup artists exhibited. Our students were surprised to find that not all professional makeup artists had the training necessary to protect the health and wellness of their clients. It was our students who inspired and joined us in launching a conversation about the lack of sanitation practices and standards within the makeup industry. Together, we knew we needed to protect our clients and elevate the makeup industry’s sanitation standards.

In the beginning, Sanitation Conversation was a movement that we hoped would bring awareness to the lack of sanitation standards. We provided artists with the information that they needed to understand and employ proper sanitation skills, but we fell short of giving a sustainable solution to the problem. It was our passion for change that compelled us to create a product paired with education in efforts to make a difference. Thus, the birth of the Sanitation Essentials Training Bundle. Click on the image to find out more information.

The tail end of 2020, we finally launched our Spanish language website and training, launched our newly designed online storefront, partnered with Terracycle to recycle disposable products. Our new partnership provides a solution to our industry’s waste consumption problem and provides an end of life path for disposables and cosmetic packaging; this is very exciting for us.

Spanish Language Website and Training Launched

We Updated Our Training

Newly Launched Full Application Video

We Even Launched a New Video Detailing Brush Care Tips & Tricks

In addition to Two New Videos, we now offer a New Step by Step in the Resources Section, Habits for Implementing Good Sanitation, and a Brush Care Step by Step Guide which Includes New Vocabulary, Disclosures & Suggestions.

2021 holds lots of surprises in store!

Stay Tuned!

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