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Thoughts On IMATSNYC!

I’ve been in the beauty industry a long time, and am now the CEO of several companies, and yet, I still get butterflies in my stomach before a big show…especially one like IMATSNYC.




I love this industry. I pretty much eat, sleep and breath all things beauty and education. And yet, I continue to be amazed and inspired by the growth, knowledge and artistry that takes stage – front and center – at shows such as theseIMATS Panel

This year was a little different, in my experience. While the show brought in 2,000 attendees with several amazing makeup lines, what we brought was something different. While I’m not sure the industry is ready for us, we are certainly ready for it…to change it, that is.

So many exhibitors were nothing short of amazing – sexy, dazzling, colorful, innovative – exactly what you expect from IMATSNYC. All things extra and then some. However, the experience we brought was different and yet oh-so-necessary.

You see, this year is the year of Sanitation Conversation. What once began as a social movement to create awareness around less-than-acceptable sanitation standards in the beauty industry, quickly took off showing us that it was time to launch something bigger than a social movement….it was time to launch a solution.IMATS Booth


Prior to arriving at IMATSNYC, we launched Sanitation Conversation by showcasing our new product, the Sanitation Essentials Training Bundle. We arrived in NYC, bundles in-hand, committed to elevating the industry. This was born out of a huge void in the industry, evident by recent stories, scary images and lawsuits all over the internet, talking about the contraction of Herpes, Staph, MRSA all from poor sanitation practices around beauty products.



The Sanitation Essentials Training Bundle gives the artist the opportunity to learn proper sanitation and get certified. In addition, there is enough products to protect over 200 clients. This comprehensive solution is for all facets of the makeup industry: make-up enthusiasts, educators, artists on film sets, commercial sets and backstage runway shows.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

IMATS Booth View



The response that we received at IMATSNYC was both exciting and affirming! We were approached by new graduates passionate about sanitation, celebrity artists thankful for having this type of solution in the industry, union artists excited to make this a requirement, and so many veteran artists and media who expressed gratitude that we brought a higher standard to the beauty industry. All of this was amazing and just confirmed that we are, in fact, doing the right thing.




Conversely, what we found disturbing, was the countless booths showcasing dirty and unsafe habits. Every time we saw glitter lips, all we could think about was herpes. Most booths had no sanitation products at their tables. This is not said to shun anyone at the show, but merely to bring awareness to a concerning issue. I truly feel that if people knew the facts, they would practice makeup and beauty differently. And that, my friend, is why we are here.

We left IMATSNYC feeling recharged and ready for the next show, which will be at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference Las Vegas in June 2019.  The Sanitation Conversation team continues on with our mission – connecting with enthusiasts, artists, schools, educators and other influencers in the industry to help transform the way we practice beauty as a whole. Shedding light on the issues, providing tools, training and certification to take the entire industry to the next level.


Thank you to all who visited us at IMATSNYC. Thank you for the love, encouragement and support for the important work we are carrying out. Thank you for joining our movement, protecting your clients and influencing our industry. Together, we will create a better and safer practice across the makeup industry, ultimately providing better service to our clients.

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