The Importance of Using Disposables

It is essential to the safety of clients that makeup artists use disposables. It is also essential for makeup enthusiasts and makeup lovers to practice using disposables to test products while in cosmetic stores.

Mascara Disposable


It is very important to use disposable mascara wands when trying out mascaras. If you want to be even more careful, know that some cosmetic stores have great return policies, so if you do like a product, buy it and try it out at home. If the product doesn’t live up to your expectations after trying it at home, return it to the store and let them know exactly that. Studies show that 43% of eyeliners and mascara wands contain bacteria and contaminants.


Using a disposable lip applicator or makeup brush. Using the lip wand on someone’s lips and then putting the wand back into the container is a BIG NO-NO. This contaminates the product and can help spread infectious diseases. Instead, use a disposable lip wand to apply the product and dispose of the wand once done. If you have to add more product, take a NEW disposable wand and dip it into the container for more product.



A professional makeup artist uses disposable tools to apply makeup on clients. Using disposable tools helps prevent the spread of germs. In order to protect clients from the spread of infectious bacteria and diseases, it is essential to practices safe, sanitary sanitation application processes. You don’t have to sacrifice clean makeup for beautiful makeup, but it is important that the safety of the clients comes first.

Always use disposable makeup applicators. Not only do they protect the average consumer, but they also protect makeup artists and their clients.

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