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“Sanitation Conversation: Let’s Talk About Why Sanitation Training Is Essential For Today’s Makeup Artists”
Article Written By: Tara KP Troszak (Tara’s Instagram)

I will never forget when I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and the “professional artist” tried to use the same mascara wand/applicator on all of the bridesmaids (insert vomit emoji). I was so upset. What do you mean you’re going to use the same mascara/wand? Who knows how people she used the same mascara on?

I remember being really embarrassed and almost didn’t say anything. But I couldn’t keep quiet. Not when my health was involved! She assured me it was fine. No, it was not fine. We were all paying $100+ to get our makeup done and potentially exposing ourselves to bacteria and infection in the eye. Ever since then, I have refused to get my makeup done and just do it myself. 

I’ve worked in the beauty industry since 2009 for brands including Bare Minerals and MAC. I didn’t go to makeup or beauty school. Everything that I learned has been self-taught, and through trainings and seminars through the brands I have worked for. I also love a good YouTube tutorial.

I have learned a ton over the years about makeup, artistry, and of course, the importance of makeup hygiene and sanitation. You would think that most of it is common sense: don’t use the same applicators on multiple people, don’t dip contaminated wands back into the mascara/lip gloss, etc.

It’s unbelievable how many “artists” don’t practice adequate hygiene and sanitation. Fast forward to 2020 and a global pandemic—sanitization, hygiene, and keeping your clients safe have become more important than ever. 

When Sanitation Conversation reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in learning more about their Sanitation Training and Certification for makeup artists, I was immediately on board. Sanitation Conversation was founded by makeup artist, instructor, and school owner Devawn Testagrossa.

Students at her makeup academy in the Midwest were concerned by the lack of sanitation standards they were seeing with other artists that didn’t have the same knowledge and practices around hygiene. It was their passion for change that compelled them not only to bring attention to the problem, but also create a solution. As a result, Sanitation Conversation was born. They created a comprehensive training and certification program which focuses on health grade sanitation protocols specific to makeup application. 

While makeup is not my full-time job, I consider myself an artist. I have my kit which I’m always updating and I love when I get the chance to do makeup for other people. I decided to take the training and become certified to learn for myself what the Sanitation Conversation was all about.

The training and certification currently costs $100 and includes a certificate and a pin. (Note: I paid for the course myself so I could give a completely unbiased review.) It takes about an hour to complete and includes a test at the end. You have to get an 80% or higher on the test to receive your certification. I passed!

The curriculum consists of:

  • Lowering levels of bacteria found on cosmetics
  • Avoiding cross-contamination
  • Eliminating the risk of spreading disease
  • Keeping the client safe during an application
  • Single-use disposables
  • Microorganisms, blood-borne pathogens, common contagions, and COVID-19 protocol

I found the training to be very informative and filled with knowledge and general practices that should be standard in makeup artistry and within every makeup application. The videos and slides were interactive and easy to follow.

I also received a mini sanitation kit, which includes all of the products including disposable mascara wands, lip gloss applicators, disposable palettes, makeup wedges, alcohol, and hand sanitizer. I was definitely impressed with the kit’s quality and contents. While I already had the items in my kit, it’s so convenient to have them all in one package. You can never have too much hand sanitizer and brush cleaner! Plus, I’m a sucker for matching packaging.  

I can confidently say that I have the tools to keep myself and my clients safe throughout the entire process. Sanitation Conversation stresses the importance of health before beauty, which is something I really appreciate. Their main objective is to get the conversation regarding sanitation in beauty started and they definitely accomplished their goal.

Artists, whether certified or not, should be using disposable applicators and clean brushes. Knowledge is power. If you’re getting your makeup done and something doesn’t feel right or you are uncomfortable—speak up. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation, especially when your health is potentially at risk. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Sanitation Conversation, check them out here. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @sanitationconversation

They are offering a special promotion for our followers: use code “SPABEAUTY” for $25 off the training. The trainings are available in both English and Spanish.   


Tara KP Troszak is an LA-based lawyer, self-proclaimed cat lady, writer and freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband Nick and her cat Chevy. Follow her on Instagram: @makeupbytkp.


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