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Better protect your students & instructors

Know how to protect your students and instructors from bacteria, mucus, and blood-borne pathogen that live on your makeup tools

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Protect your reputation

At the same time, confidently protect your reputation as a safe retailer

Step-by-step online training

An easy step-by-step guide training for your instructors

A Certification that Sets Your School Apart

By becoming a certified “Safe School” you can display to your students and student salon clients that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure their health and wellness by showcasing your “Safe School” certification. You will provide assurance that your school, student salon, and your associates are practicing health grade sanitation standards.

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Merle Norman Cosmetics
Alcone Company
Vinnie & June

In 3 Simple Steps, You Can Protect Your Students & Your School’s Reputation


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  • Gain the confidence that you are protecting your clients & career
  • Receive your certifications, pin, and digital badge
  • Clients will know you as a Certified Sanitation Specialist 

What are the requirements?

  • All staff that teaches the makeup curriculum and demonstrates must be certified as a Sanitation Specialist through our training.


  • The makeup station for the student salon must have the proper sanitation items needed for health grade sanitation protocols during a makeup application.


  • The school must have physical or virtual audits to ensure the student salon has a clean environment and is equipped with the correct products and procedures for a safe makeup application.
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From professional celebrity artists to everyday makeup artists, Sanitation Conversion is the Certification that is trusted by all

Alex LaMarsh
Alex LaMarsh

Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist
Sarah Tanno-Stewart

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Global Artistry Director for Haus Labs

Michelle Garbin
Michelle Garbin

Journeyman Makeup Artist Local 706 Clinical Esthetician

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The only health grade sanitation training for makeup artists

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