Our Eco-System

Our Eco-System

Our Eco-System


Our Sanitation Standards online training teaches the correct way to implement sanitation protocols that protect the artist and the client. The training was designed for all learning styles and has both interactions and videos as content delivery composition. The program demystifies what steps are essential for keeping the artist and the client safe from bacteria and blood-borne pathogens. It can be accessed from any mobile device. Takes 1 hour to complete.

Sanitation Standards Certificate


Once the artist has completed the training, they are awarded a Certificate of Completion, Prestige Pin and Digital Badge to show their clients that as an artist they have taken sanitation seriously, have educated themselves and have properly equipped their kit.

The Movement


Our mission is to disrupt current sanitation practices and bring about standards on a global level. You will find our social media platforms filled with insightful, thought-provoking and sometimes crude content. #sanitationconversation wants to bring about change in an industry that rarely protects themselves or their clients.


Along with receiving the Certificate of Completion and Prestige Pin, the artist is entered into our nationwide online database where clients, union heads and hiring managers can verify that the artist has been trained and certified in proper sanitation protocols.

Sanitation Specialist Database
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