Why Certification in Makeup Sanitation is so Important

Certification in Makeup Sanitation Standards & Protocol is Extremely Important! Certification elevates the standards of any industry and helps to advance the profession and create value. In addition, it provides a measurement of knowledge and skills. People tend to forget that one of the most vital elements of makeup applications that is often overlooked is proper sanitation. This applies to instructors, freelancers, businesses, makeup enthusiasts, and even film, commercial and high fashion artists.

Sanitation Standards was developed by industry professionals and a microbiologist to ensure the training reflected health grade sanitation protocols. Unlike most training programs, this course focuses on health grade sanitation practices specific to a makeup application. This course was not designed around a specific sanitation product or practice, but rather around the science of bacteria, blood-borne pathogens and mucous membranes.

Training Curriculum

  • Lowering levels of bacteria found on cosmetics
  • Avoiding cross contamination
  • Eliminating the risk of spreading disease
  • Keeping the client safe during an application
  • Single use disposables
  • Microorganisms
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Common contagions 
  • Covid-19 protocols
  • Check points for learner retention
  • Final assessment for certification

Our health-grade sanitation certification showcases your solid commitment to professional growth, your clients’ well-being, and dedication to raising standards in this industry. It also solidifies a recognition of industry-recognized credentials that confirm you or your employees are skilled in safe sanitation practices.

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