Keeping Each Other Accountable

FDAThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is an organization that is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the safety of the United States’ food supply, cosmetics, and other products. However, throughout the FDA’s entire website, there was only one paragraph dedicated to sharing cosmetics.

This is what it says:

“Don’t share or swap eye cosmetics — not even with your best friend. Another person’s germs may be hazardous to you. The risk of contamination may be even greater with “testers” at retail stores, where a number of people are using the same sample product. If you feel you must sample cosmetics at a store, make sure they are applied with single-use applicators, such as clean cotton swabs.”

The reason that there is not more on this topic on the FDA’s website is that it is hard for sanitation in makeup applications to be regulated. This is due in part to the fact that most makeup is done as freelance work.

Make Up

This is why it is so important to get involved with Sanitation Conversation. Not only does the kit, education, and pin introduce standards of sanitation within the makeup industry, but it allows consumers and clients to know how important it is to practice sanitation in their own homes. This includes deep cleaning makeup brushes at least once a week. Sanitation Conversation provides the solution for sanitation standards and keeps the industry accountable.

As makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and consumers, we need to initiate the change. Sanitation standards can be created if we work together to educate and protect each other.

Pick up a kit today and receive your education on sanitation and its importance.  Once you complete your education, you will also receive a Prestige Pin that you can wear to show that you practice safe, sanitary makeup application.