How Do I Get Certified

How Do I Get Certified

So what does it mean to get certified in Sanitation Standards?


You take sanitation practices serious and you want to know how to protect yourself and your client properly.


You purchased the Sanitation Standards Online Training and you passed the quiz!


You are now part of a global database of certified Sanitation Specialists.


You received your certificate and you Prestige Pin as a symbol of your commitment and knowledge of safe sanitation practices.

How Do I Get Certified
Sanitation Standards Certificate

Our movement, #sanitationconversation, and our business, Sanitation Conversation, wants to bring global awareness to the poor sanitation practices in the cosmetic industry. The Sanitation Specialist (SSD) database is hosted on a public website for clients and hiring managers to view. Simply provide them with your SS i.d. number and they can verify that you have been certified!  You can also use your SS i.d. for discounted replenishment products.

Sanitation Specialist Database
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