HMUA is an industry acronym short for Hair and Makeup Artist, PAX are the cool packs that our products come in.

HMUA PAX is a women-owned company dedicated to providing professional artists with solutions to comply with the currently evolving beauty industry standards. Through creative collaborations between HMUA PAX owners Donna Waxstein, Commercial Line Producer; Deborah Casanova, Entrepreneur; and renowned celebrity and fashion makeup artist, Maureen Burke, PRO PAX were developed. These disposable/single use kits contain essential tools for pros.

Artists have to rethink how to best perform their craft and adhere to present day requirements. With that in mind, the number one priority of HMUA PAX is to assist hair and makeup artists by creating a source to satisfy beauty service needs in a manner which ensures the well-being of both artist and client. As a company, HMUA PAX will continue to stay at the innovative forefront as new specifications for the beauty industry unfold.


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