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It Has Helped Me Become More Organized And Also More Vocal.

If anything it has helped me become more organized and also more vocal with both clients and other people in the industry. I’ve always been a little OCD, very organized, and super into sanitation and safety from doing FX on set and beauty. People just noticing that my setup is different from other artists helps […]

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It’s Something That Clients Will Look For.

Sanitation Conversation has helped me by making sure all of my tools and all of my products are sanitized the proper way. As a Makeup Artist, sanitation is the biggest job you could possibly do. It’s something that clients will look for. It helps keep your station clean and protect your clients from harmful bacteria. […]

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In The Makeup Industry There Is A Huge Lack Of Sanitation.

I’ve been a certified sanitary makeup artist through Sanitation Conversation for almost 6 months now with prior training through Multimedia Makeup Academy. I can’t begin to emphasize the importance. In the makeup industry there is a huge lack of sanitation, possibly and probably because of the lack of knowledge. I know that any client that […]

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