8 Universal Ways Makeup Artists Use Disposables

Makeup Artists are in the industry of using disposables because we have to make sure our clients stay safe! Disposables can go beyond just using them for their intended use though, and we have to purchase and use them every day, so why not extend your purchase and make your life easier!

Disposable Cotton Rounds

Make your cotton rounds go beyond just removing makeup and applying toner.

Cotton Pads

  1. Use disposable cotton rounds to lightly apply powder.

– Separate a cotton round and place powder in between! This allows you to control the amount of powder that goes onto the skin since brushes can sometimes deposit too much powder and make your client cakey. This can also be really helpful for on-set touchups!

  1. Don’t have a small enough brush for nose contour?

– Fold a cotton round in half and use that to drag along the bridge of the client’s nose. This creates a straight edge and dusts the contour powder more gently than something like a cotton bud might.

Disposable Cosmetic Wedges

Wedges are most commonly used for applying foundation, and other cream products in a sanitary way!

Disposable Wedges

  1. You can use sponges to really push powder into the skin to set delicate areas – also known as “baking”.

– This is a pretty common one but can be very helpful in certain circumstances. Pressing the powder into areas like under the eyes, or very oily areas of the face can make for an airbrushed look, and a sponge is the best way to do that.

  1. Sponges like Beauty Blenders can’t be sanitized, but you can use a disposable sponge in the same way to get the same effect!

– Dampen your disposable sponge in the sink, and squeeze out excess water. Use this to apply your client’s foundation. It offers a much more natural and sheered-out look as opposed to a dry sponge.

Disposable Mascara Applicators

Applying that coat of mascara to your client’s lashes isn’t the only way to use these applicators.

Disposable Mascarra Applicators

  1.    Did your client come in with really dry and flakey lips?

– Use the mascara applicator along with a lip balm and rub along their lips to loosen any dead skin. Wipe it away, then reapply lip balm to keep lips moisturized.

  1. Eyebrows sometimes need to be tamed past the quick brush through.

– Dip your mascara applicator into clear brow gel or clear mascara and run through the client’s eyebrows to place their hairs in whichever way you would like.

Disposable Eyeliner Applicators

The use is really in the name, but the uses don’t have to stop at liquid and gel eyeliner!

Disposable Eye Liner Applicator

  1. Forgot your lipliner? Don’t have time to sanitize it on a last minute touch up?

– The tiny eyeliner applicator can be a great way to get in the corners of clients lips and make the edges precise.

  1. No one wants concealer over a blemish to draw even more attention to that skin impurity.

– Sometimes spot concealing can get a little tedious if you don’t have the right tools. The eyeliner applicator can be used to apply very little amounts of concealer to the skin, so only the redness is covered without adding excess product.

These are just some out-of-the-box uses for disposables that we use regularly. Do you have any uses for your disposables that are outside of their regular uses? Share them with us!

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